Enrollment Lottery Guidelines

Application Deadline

Completed applications must be submitted by April 5, 2019.

Please note that eligibility for the lottery and selection in the lottery does not guarantee admission into The SEED School of Maryland. SEED may require additional information to confirm eligibility information prior to enrollment.

The SEED School of Maryland has a number of siblings (e.g., twins) who have applied to the school. In order to keep siblings together, each set will be assigned a single lottery number.

Sibling Preference
The SEED School of Maryland grants preference to eligible siblings of current SEED students. This may reduce the number of enrollment slots available for the upcoming school year.

County Lottery
The SEED School of Maryland will first conduct county lotteries to select one eligible student (irrespective of gender) for each county from which an eligible student has applied. Students who are not selected in the county lotteries will be placed in the general lottery.

General Lottery
After the county lotteries, the general lottery for boys and girls will be conducted. Total number of enrollment spots will be announced at the lottery.
Wait List
Once we reach maximum enrollment, we will establish a waitlist from the remaining applicants. The first 10 boys and 10 girls will be placed on our priority waitlist and these students will be invited to attend SEED Foundations--our summer student orientation--in early August (dates to be announced). Attendance at Foundations is mandatory for students to begin school.

If you have any questions concerning the admissions process please call or email The SEED School of Maryland at (410) 843-9482 or admissions@seedschoolmd.org.