Below are the most commonly asked questions about SEED Maryland. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (410) 843-9482.

Q.     Is my child a good fit for the SEED School?
A.     Families and school staff will want to be sure that any student applying to SEED is a good fit for the program being offered. Students must be capable of being safe and healthy within a boarding school program, and should be personally motivated to pursue and prepare for a college education. Although SEED is a boarding school, it should not be confused with a therapeutic residential program. SEED does not offer this type of highly specialized treatment. The dedicated and talented SEED School staff is equipped to work with students on the full spectrum of academic and behavioral successes and challenges. Please see the eligibility criteria here.

Q.     Are students’ prior academic performances a factor in determining eligibility?
A.     SEED recognizes that a students’ academic performance prior to applying to SEED may not determine the students’ academic capabilities or potential and is not the determining factor for eligibility. SEED wants families and students who are committed to working hard and challenging themselves to achieve the goal of graduating from high school and eventually college.

Q.     What is the cost of tuition to attend The SEED School of Maryland?
A.     SEED is a public school, so parents do not pay tuition. It is free for students to attend SEED.

Q.     Does The SEED School of Maryland offer Special Education Services?
A.     SEED is an inclusion model school offering special education services for a broad range of needs.

Q.     Is transportation provided by SEED for families who do not live near the school?
A.     Yes, SEED is pleased to offer transportation to students. Due to our statewide enrollment of students, SEED has designated sites in several counties to ensure families have access to getting their children to school each week. Families requesting transportation will be ensured that a site is designated no further than 25 miles from their residence.

Q.     Will I be allowed to visit my child while he/she is at school?
A.     SEED prides itself on being in partnerships with families and welcome parent participation in all facets of the academic and boarding program. Parents are able to shadow students in their classrooms and also visit the dormitories for planned parent events. SEED also has an active Parent Teacher Organization which plans and organizes student and family events on campus.

Q.     Is SEED a year-long school?
A.     No, SEED follows the traditional school year calendar which has school beginning in late August and ending in early June for summer break. Students also go home for winter recess, spring break, professional development days, and federal holidays.