We invite you to join us for

The SEED School of Maryland's
4th Annual HeBrOpen Golf & Tennis Outing at Greenspring Valley Hunt Club
in memory of Charles Baum & Harry Lebow

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Charles & Harry

Harry and Charles’ friendship began at Camp Wigwam in Maine, where they met at the age of ten. They reconnected in New York City after Charles graduated from Princeton. Constant companions living in the city, their friendship continued when Charles and his first wife, Jane, moved to Baltimore where Harry and Beth had relocated. Their friendship grew, as did their families. Charles and Jane and Harry and Beth spent much time together while each couple was raising a daughter and son in Baltimore. 

Later in life, Charles remarried, and Beth, Harry, Patti, and Charles became a foursome. They traveled the world together over many years, creating memories in Argentina, France, Russia, Germany, New Orleans, and Maine, to name a few. Beth recalls, "these trips were always a hoot as 'the boys' were always in fine form when they were together. Each had a fabulous sense of humor and they were both quick, witty, and found the joy in every possible situation."

seed maryland & the hebros

Both Charles and Harry were members of the HeBros, a group of Jewish ("Heb") and African-American ("Bros") men who played golf together while fostering equality through exposure and in-depth conversations about unity, religion, and race. 

In honor of Charles and his favorite things, a golf outing and dinner was held in June 2016, affectionately named the HeBrOpen. After Harry’s passing in June of 2018, the HeBrOpen has honored these devoted friends. All proceeds from the HeBrOpen benefit The SEED School of Maryland, where Harry was one of the founding members of the Board of Trustees.

This year, proceeds from this year’s HeBrOpen will directly support the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel and SEED’s External Opportunities programming (field trips, study abroad intensives, college credit courses, and internships and fellowships). The SEED School of Maryland (SEED MD) is a statewide, tuition-free, college preparatory public boarding school located in Southwest Baltimore City. 

SEED MD serves over 400 low-income students from more than 13 counties statewide. SEED supports students who have been traditionally underserved and who meet a number of at-risk criteria. 80% of SEED graduates are first-generation, college-bound students. SEED is uniquely designed to serve students who need a 24-hour learning environment to reach their full potential. 

On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, we hope that you will join Charles and Harry's friends, family members, and fellow SEED enthusiasts to support SEED MD's belief that our students' potential is not pre-determined by their zipcode, and neither are their dreams.

If you are unable to attend but still interested in supporting the HeBrOpen, please visit our donation page.

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event details

Green Spring Valley Hunt Club
30 Greenspring Valley Road
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Lunch & Registration

Golf (Shotgun Start)


Cocktails & Dinner Buffet

Remarks by Chris Wilson and Michael Cryor

The Master Plan Book Signing with Chris Wilson


We’re pleased to welcome author and activist Chris Wilson, with Michael Cryor. Please join us to hear Michael interview Chris about his advocacy for criminal justice reform and engaging youth. Learn more about our esteemed speakers below!

for assistance, please contact Pilar at (410) 843-9477 ext. 505 or pgimenez@seedschoolmd.org

If you are unable to attend but still interested in supporting the HeBrOpen, please visit our donation page.


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about our guest speakers

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is an entrepreneur, public speaker, prison reform advocate, and author of the memoir The Master Plan. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Wilson had a challenging upbringing in a family rocked by poverty, domestic violence, addiction, and crime.

At the age of 17, Wilson was charged and convicted of a crime for which he was sentenced to natural life in prison. After suffering from depression and hitting rock bottom, Wilson began to examine himself and his choices and formulated a Master Plan of aspirations for his best self. Pursuing long- and short-term goals gave him a sense of purpose.

Wilson’s mission of self-improvement subsequently lead him to create new opportunities among the prison population, and his entrepreneurial ideas and self-discipline made him a leader among his fellow inmates. While incarcerated, Wilson earned his GED, his Associate’s Degree, completed his certification in carpentry, started a successful photography business, established a book club, a language club, a career center, achieved fluency in 3 foreign languages, mentored other inmates, and established an enrollment program with the University of Maryland to provide course materials and classes to inmates.

After attempting to appeal his sentence for more than a decade, Wilson was granted a hearing and received a converted sentence. He has devoted his time to advocacy and engaging greater opportunities and social supports within working class and impoverished neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Michael Cryor

Michael Cryor

Michael Cryor is the president of the Cryor Group and is a civic leader who has served his community for decades. Cryor earned a BS and MS in psychology from Morgan State University and Montclair University, respectively. While pursuing his PhD in the field at City University, he was employed as a psychologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Before completing the degree, he transitioned to a career in higher education before settling on strategic communications and business development. He would go on to establish a successful consulting firm in his name, boasting a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and government interests.

The Baltimore native (and proud graduate of Baltimore City College) has maintained a strong belief in the value of civic engagement to effect positive change here in Baltimore. His measured ability to connect and effectively mediate with people from all walks of life has led Cryor to be a trusted adviser and confidante to a variety of leaders that include corporate titans, mayors, governors, congressmen, a Vice President and President. Be it the neighborhoods here or throughout the country, his passion has been to connect people at every level. He has been driven by the belief that progress requires work, not permission. He believes deeply that we all have a voice that must be exercised in support of what matters to us.

Through this dedication, he has led or helped form unique initiatives such as the Believe Campaign, OneBaltimore and now We Are Baltimore. His current board appointments include Chair of the University School of Medicine Board of Visitors, BGE, Pepco Holdings, the Hippodrome Foundation, and the Center Club Board of Governors. He is a former Chair of the Associated Black Charities, Vice Chair of the Baltimore Community Foundation, and Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party.