Official Enrollment Lottery results

For the 2018-2019 School Year

The SEED School of Maryland congratulates and welcomes the 27 girls and 38 boys who were selected at the lottery on May 9th, 2018!


Any NEW completed sibling applications after the May 9, 2018 Enrollment Lottery will be placed on the top of the wait list. (This is in accordance with SEED’s Sibling Preference policy: SEED grants preference to eligible siblings of current SEED students.) 

We do not know when a child is likeliest to be pulled from the wait list. However, the wait list will operate from May 9, 2018-April 6, 2019. Your child may be pulled from the wait list at any time within that window to attend SEED as a 6th grader only.

We advise all parents on the waitlist to please continue to enroll your child into their assigned school.

 Parent Orientation June 9 (10 am-12 pm) & Foundations August 14-17 is required for all students placed into the lottery, including wait listed students. 

  • Enrollment and wait listed letters/emails will be mailed out on May 18, 2018 with next steps instructions, important event dates, and requests for additional documentation if needed.
  • 5 pm August 14th - Student Check-In

    • Mandatory parent meeting at 5 pm; please arrive promptly; doors open at 4:30;

    • Your child will not be permitted to check in until parents have attended the meeting

  • 1 pm August 17th  - Student Check-Out
  • SEED Foundations is a three (3) overnight experience that provides students with a glimpse of the SEED school year. Attendance is mandatory for students.

* Transportation to and from this event is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.*

We do not give lottery results over the phone or through email. However, if you need your child’s lottery number please email