The SEED School of Maryland recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and home. All SEED families share in the common goal and commitment of the educational success of their children. We believe that the school and families must work together to achieve success for all of our students. Our goals are to:

  • Help parents develop parenting skills to foster conditions at home that support children’s efforts in learning;
  • Promote clear, two-way communication between school and family;
  • Involve parents in instructional and support roles at the school;
  • Provide parents with the knowledge of techniques designed to assist children in learning at home;
  • Provide access to and coordinate community and support services for children and families;
  • Support parents as decision makers and develop their leadership, governance, advisory, and advocacy roles.

If you have a concern or need additional information about your child’s educational program or parent involvement activities, please contact the school at (410) 843-9477.