The Special Education Department at the SEED School of Maryland works to ensure that students with disabilities who have either 504 Plans or Individualized Education Plans receive the services they need in order successfully access the general education curriculum.  Some examples of services include: pullout services, co-teaching, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling services, supplementary aids/accommodations, and behavioral interventions.  One of the primary goals of our collaborative, interdisciplinary team, comprised of IEP Case Managers, Instructional Assistants, General Education teachers, and Related Service Providers, is to make sure that all students receive targeted services, support, and instruction that will allow students to continue to build their learning capacities and skills.  Our work with students is also informed by an overarching goal to narrow the achievement gap between special education students and general education students so that our special education students are prepared to experience continued success in their respective colleges and careers.

Patricia R. Richardson, M.Ed., M.A.
Director of Special Education
(410) 843-9477 ext. 609

Kristi Fausel, M.Ed.
Special Education Coordinator
(410) 843-9477 ext. 504

Linda Still
504 Coordinator
(410) 843-9477 ext. 610


Suspension and Expulsions

Not applicable to SEED. (Deals with not suspending or expelling students in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten)

IEP Parental Consent

Requires an individualized education program team to obtain written consent from the parent of a child with a disability if the team proposes to: (i) enroll the child in an alternative education program that does not issue or provide credits towards a Maryland high school diploma; (ii) identify the child for the alternative education assessment aligned with the state’s alternative curriculum; or (iii) include restraint or seclusion in the individualized education program to address the child’s behavior as described in COMAR 13a.08.04.05; and requires an individualized education program team to send a parent written notice no later than 5 business days after the IEP that informs the parent of specified rights to consent or refuse to consent to specified actions; provides 15 days for the parent to provide consent.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

Requires the State Department of Education to update guidelines to accommodate, safeguard, and evacuate individuals with disabilities on public school grounds; requires each local school system, to update the school system’s emergency plan based on the Department’s guidelines and regulations; requires a student’s IEP to include accommodations for the student during an emergency; and requires a student’s 504 team to discuss and address a student’s needs.


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