The Student Support Team (SST) provides assistance to the entire student population, academic staff, student life staff, parents/guardians, and extended school community. SST provides support through school counsel­ing, school nursing, school psychology, school social work, and special education services. Student support services specialists, with our skills in working with children and families through Title I-Parent Involvement, and our knowledge of the emotional, social, behavioral cultural, health and communication issues that affect students and schools, play an important role in improving SEED student achievement. We assist other educators to understand and respond effectively to the human and social factors that impact learning, and improve student availability to learning by identifying challenges and providing timely interventions. Our interventions are strength-based and goal-oriented. We work to identify student strengths and talents, and assist students in the development of postsecondary plans that incorporate such strengths and talents.

Vincent Carter-Bey, Interim Director of Student Support
(410) 843-9477 ext. 206