Contests & Promotions

Every year multiple book or reading contests and promotions are held by Ms. Rinehart and by teachers or student life counselors throughout the school. Check back often for additions!


Accelerated Reader

Hosted by: Library || All School Year

  • Every student who reads a book and then takes, and passes, an Accelerated Reader (AR) computer quiz about the book is allowed a Jolly Rancher candy.
    • Ebooks and audiobooks count, as do books that are read to a student
    • Over 190,000 quizzes available
    • Covers only content of book (did the student read and finish it, not themes or other English class components)
    • Quizzes must be taken in the library
  • Acknowledgement of students who meet or exceed their quarterly goal
    • The points needed is determined by a formula that includes the student’s current reading ability
    • Acknowledgement is generally in the form of a certificate, treat, and free book!
  • Quizzes are sometimes also used by English teachers for participation in other programs.


Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Contest

Hosted by: Library || Sept. - Early April

  • The Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award is one of the only major book awards solely determined by student voting.
  • SEED-Maryland students who choose to participate vote in April.
  • Each year all the titles nominated in 4 categories are purchased and made available to students to checkout. When possible, the ebook and audiobook versions are also obtained.
  • This year’s categories and nominees:
  • Students read a book and then take the Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz
  • Every month, students who passed a quiz on a nominated book are invited to a special movie night in the library
  • In April, any students who passed the quiz for 3 or more books within a category can vote for their favorite book

Last year (2016-17) 22 students read 64 books and 5 students were able to vote!


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Movie

Hosted by: Library || All Year (Drawings in Dec. & May)

  • Each year in January a poster is created of great books becoming movies that year. Students are encouraged to read the book before the movie comes out- or, at least, any time in that calendar year.
  • All of the books on the poster are purchased and made available to students for checkout. When possible, the ebook and audiobook versions are also obtained.
    • Some books are of more interest to middle schoolers and others to high schoolers
    • Students read a book and then take the Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz
    • In May, all students who passed an AR quiz on one of the listed titles is entered in a random drawing for a limited number of movie passes
    • The following school year, students are again reminded of the promotion and another random drawing for additional movie passes is held 
  • From January-May 2017 eleven (11) students participated. Due to the low number every student received $25 Fandango movie gift cards and three (3) of those students were chosen to receive an additional $25 Fandango movie gift card!!!!!
  • Students returning for the 2017-18 school year may read books and take quizzes until December 22nd for the current book list. A new one will be posted in January 2018.

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