Freedom to Read

The Library Media Specialist (LMS) is responsible for the review, evaluation, and selection of the school library media collection. Library media collections are developed to meet both curricular needs and student interests. SEED's LMS has created a selection policy that reflects the philosophy and goals of the school system and supports the principles of intellectual freedom described in the following:

YA sticker (1).jpg

Because The SEED School of Maryland serves students in grades 6-12, some materials that might not usually be found in a middle school/junior high library are available. Every effort is made to label books (on the back, usually left corner) with a “YA” sticker to help guide students in reading material best suited to their age and maturity level.

Parents and guardians may guide their own student’s acceptable reading choices and should participate in conversations about what their student is reading; however efforts from individuals or groups to define what is appropriate for all students to read, view, hear, or access will be resisted.

It violates the student’s right to read to impose age, grade-level, or reading-level restrictions on the use of resources; to require permission from parents or teachers; or to establish restricted shelves.

All students are presented with information about how to choose a book that best suits them by taking into account their interests, their reading ability, their age and maturity level. Students who begin books that they then find to be far too below or above their comfort level are urged to return the book to the library.

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