Welcome to the Library Media Center!

The library and its staff strive to provide excellent service, resources, and facilities for all users. The library has two main roles: to promote reading for pleasure and to support teachers and students with research-based learning across the curriculum. The library has three reading areas, five (5) tables for working, and 23 desktop computers with printing ability.

Users of the library are entitled to have:  

  • A productive, secure library environment conducive to research and free of disruptive activity.
  • Reasonable access to library materials according to library policy.  
  • Access to computers for the purpose of performing research.
  • Access to a printer for the purpose of academic work.

Individual students are welcome to come to the library during academic hours with a pass from a teacher/adult.  Additionally, the library is open during lunch and in the evening several times a week.

Students are expected to follow The SEED School of Maryland Library Code of Civil Conduct.


    • The library holds over 10,000  print books including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies, graphic novels, and picture books.
    • A growing collection of ebooks and audiobooks is available online to all students through their Follett library account (317 as of 7/2017).
    • Additionally, the Spanish collection of non-fiction and fiction titles is slowly growing each year.
    • Students have access to four (4) databases for their research needs.
    • A collection of books by Orca Publishing is popular for struggling readers. These are titles that are not “babyish” but are written at a 2nd-4th grade reading level.
    • Magazines are available to read while in the library (not for check-out).
    • To see what is available for students, visit the library online catalog at  SEED Maryland Library Media Center.

    The main objective when selecting new materials is to provide students with a wide range of educational materials on all levels of difficulty and in a variety of formats, with diversity of appeal, allowing for the presentation of many different points of view.


    • Ms. Rinehart is in her 7th year at the SEED School of Maryland. She loves reading, baseball, hiking, travelling, and Lindy Hop swing dancing. This is her 21st year in education having spent 7 years as a high school social studies teacher and then another 7 years as a Library Media Specialist in Michigan before moving to Maryland.
    • Upper School students work in the library as student aides most school periods. They are chosen for their attention to detail, trustworthiness, and ability to work without direct supervision.

    Christine Rinehart, M.Ed.
    Library Media and Technology Specialist

    Please, visit our library resource page by clicking here